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how to highlight in a pdf

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The service is available on all major platforms

If you are not sharing it with anyone, you can choose to save the file in your Google Drive accountConvert a Word document to a PDF on a Mac If you're looking to convert a Word document to a PDF on a Mac, there are a number of options

how to highlight in a pdf

You can use Adobe Acrobat, which can help you create, view, and edit PDF filesBut you can also opt for one of the many free converter tools availableDepending on the needs of your document, you may choose the more robust option of downloading a third-party PDF creator

how to highlight in a pdf

Fortunately, it is easy to convert a Word document to a file on your MacThere are several ways you can do so, including using the Microsoft Word app, Pages, and Preview

how to highlight in a pdf

However, it is important to note that not all of the formatting in the Word file will match that of the PDF

This may cause visual changes to the document's contentIt is important to accept or reject changes before they become part of the document

The user can then save the document as a PDF, PostScript, or Web ReceiptWhen using the Track Changes feature, there are several settings to consider

One of the options is to display all changes as simple markupThis is the default setting

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